… providing unmatched performance

in demanding applications


reducing supply chain risks

and lead times

with manufacturing operations

in Europe, Asia,

the Americas and Africa


… meeting the highest standards

for purity, performance, and safety


…supporting customers’ ongoing business requirements

through a worldwide network

of specialized personnel


minimizing installation costs

and start-up risks

with pre-assembled

and thoroughly-tested

modular systems


our new

OptiMix-HE Reactors

increase heat transfer area

for improved efficiency


Our expertise

A warm welcome to the world of De Dietrich Process Systems Ltd

De Dietrich Process Systems is a world leader in the supply of Turnkey Process Plant, whose customers benefit from the fully integrated manufacturing and process engineering resources of 3 long established, innovative, quality manufacturers,  supplemented by Powder Pump  for Contained Powder Transfer between process equipment unit operations.


Be it individual process plant components, Contained Powder Handling or small bespoke Lab Reactors, up through Kilo Labs and Pilot Plants  to Chemical Production Plants, De Dietrich Process Systems Ltd are able to support our customers all the way and long after initial installation.





Latest News from DDPS


  1. tuesday, 8th september 2015

    New Powder Pump Brochure

    The new Powder Pump brochure showing the benefits of this truly ATEX compliant powder handling equipment is now available. Supported by a demonstration facility at our Stafford offices and ATEX rated rental units for use upon customer sites.
    Please click here to download

  2. QVF OptiMix friday, 10th july 2015

    Batch Reactor Agitation and Heat Transfer

    DDPS Ltd have received an order from a global API Manufacturer for the design and supply of an assembled QVF Glass OptiMix Reaction system thereby benefiting from the optimised agitation and heat transfer made possible by the glass baffles in the reactor walls.
    When the process is scaled up there is an easy transfer into De Dietrich glass lined steel OptiMix HE reaction systems which will, in addition benefit from increased heat transfer performances due to the integral baffles also being heated or cooled using a heat transfer fluid.
    Agitation and Heat Transfer Simulations are available for guaranteed process optimisation results..
    CIP simulations with guaranteed results are also available.

  3. friday, 10th july 2015

    New - Process Plant Maintenance Contracts from De Dietrich Process Systems Ltd

    Summer is here and the De Dietrich Process Systems Ltd process plant installation engineers are busy maintaining glass lined steel reactors, nutsche filter dryers and QVF glass plant all over the UK and Ireland.
    Although we are busy we are never too busy to assist with any process plant upgrade service requirements.
    We look after all makes of reactors, distillation columns product filters and dryers so please contact us for any assistance.
    Due to customer demand we now offer maintenance contracts for those customers who believe prevention is better than a panic cure.
    Each maintenance contract is individually tailored to a customers needs and are kept as simple as possible
    Please contact us for further information.


  4. thursday, 18th june 2015

    De Dietrich Process Systems endorses GORE® Gasket Tape Series 1000 for Higher Performance Sealing.

    Seals 10x Tighter, Contains Aggressive Media, Protects Glass-Lined Steel Equipment and Reduces Emissions

    GORE_Gasket_Tape_Series1000_gray_backgroundDe Dietrich Process Systems has endorsed and will provide sales, technical and installation support for GORE® Gasket Tape Series 1000, a new sealant product from W. L. Gore & Associates.

  5. Reactor3D wednesday, 3rd june 2015

    Multiple orders for QVF Glass OptiMix Reactors for API Manufacture

    DDPS Ltd have been awarded contracts by 2 world leading pharmaceutical manufacturers for glass OptiMix reactor systems.
    Features include integral wall mounted baffles, triple wall jackets for insulation, flush sealing bottom outlet valves, contained powder charging and mobile stainless steel support structures.
    The superior agitation achieved by the OptiMix baffling at small scale in glass can be easily scaled up to production volumes using De Dietrich glass lined steel OptiMix reactors.

  6. Teeside3D wednesday, 3rd june 2015

    QVF Distillation and Absorption Columns for Universities

    DDPS Ltd have been awarded a major project for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of multiple glass distillation and absorption columns for a leading UK Chemical Engineering faculty.
    The scope includes glass bubble cap columns, glass packed distillation columns and a glass absorption column.
    All units are supplied with a variety of instrumentation and valve types for education purposes and a PLC based HMI linked to the customer's SCADA system.

  7. SemurPic wednesday, 3rd june 2015

    Vacuum Drying and Powder Handling Seminar

    A DDPS think tank has just completed a seminar at the DDPS Semur facility focusing upon the unique DDPS equipment combinations which achieve outstanding performance in the specialist area of contained drying and powder handling systems.

    Vacuum Drying, Containment and Powder Handling innovations were all discussed in great detail with DDPS experts from various equipment lines exploring ways in which complimentary technologies can be integrated to produce a turnkey system solution for our customers.
    Case studies were examined and the seminar has produced a number of innovative system solutions.
    Watch this space.

  8. wednesday, 4th march 2015

    De Dietrich Process Systems wins prestigious IChemE Global Award

    De Dietrich Process Systems Ltd have received the IChemE Global Winner Award for Nuclear Creativity

    IChemE Award - PDF (431.33 Kb)

  9. wednesday, 4th march 2015

    TITAN Tour Success for Tantalum, Titanium, Zirconium and Hastelloy

    DDPS Ltd, and TITAN Metal Fabricators have recently completed a UK Tour reaquainting customers with the excellent quality heat exchanges, vessels, columns and other process plant available from TITAN at competitive prices and prompt deliveries.
    Materials of construction include Tantalum, Titanium, Zirconium, Hastelloy and Duplex.
    DDPS Ltd are able to supply, install and service/maintain the TITAN equipment.

  10. wednesday, 4th march 2015

    Powder Handling Order for DDPS Ltd

    DDPS Ltd have been awarded a multiple Powder Pump order for the contained powder transfer of hazardous materials within a chemical manufacturing environment.
    Key to this success was that the Powder Pumps are designed, fabricated, assembled and tested here in the UK
    DDPS Ltd engineers also install, commission and provide after sales support out of our Stafford facility.
    Also available out of Stafford is a powder handling demonstration area and a fleet of rental units.


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